As is often the case our clients have an on going requirement for good publicity images that represent who they are and what they do. Self image is critically important in todays social media driven environment. Lyn and Susie are real estate agents with Tremains in the Hawkes bay and wanted a mix of images for clear cut and environmental. more


We are often asked for simple head shots featuring a couple of locations, often resulting in a studio style portrait on a simple background (that has the potential to be used as is or clear cut), and a location that reflects something about their personality or is synonymous with their business. Kiri Elworthy is a partner “Tora Coastal walks” Set in the heart of the Wairarapa, this three-day, fully catered walk has earned rave reviews from walkers of all ages,Read more


Helen’s brief was to incorporate a prop into the images that made a visual connection indicating her ability to meet with clients on location, the  Apple Ipad is a simple icon that fulfils this and can be used as potable computer in many different ways and locations. more


Photographing the Governor General of New Zealand at Government House required some planning, well at least one visit before the shoot to meet with the staff and look at possible locations within the house and grounds. Time is tight when photographing VIP’s and we pride ourselves on being organised. Dame Patsy Reddy and Sir David Gascoigne were at ease during the two hour shoot which resulted in a set of publicity photographs.Read more


Harcourts Real Estate have a very specific brand guide and consistency is important. Photographing a group that works as a team or individually at one time gives  conformity to the look of the images when used in adverts or promotions.Read more


Esther prides herself on working with people to get achieve an image that they love to use. Gina Collings of Professionals Real Estate wanted an image of herself that she was happy to use on her facebook page and all of her real estate placements. See Gina’s facebook page here more


Esther photographed Amanda in the studio and in an outside setting, the studio option on a plane background has potential to be easily clear cut. Amanda has received many awards and accolades for her goats cheese brand “The Drunken Nanny” her family farm is just 16km south of Martinborough where the she has raised a herd of dairy goats who’s milk goes into making The Drunken Nanny’s cheese. See more


Jo and Kelly asked Esther to find a location to photograph the team that was in keeping with their brand colours. Using a simple textured outside wall and some beautiful reflected light the resulting images have a relaxed informal feel while still presenting a professional look. more


Urlar is an organic vineyard in the Wairarapa, using biodydamics instead of pest sprays they produce some very fine Pinot wine. We have been working with Urlar for a while producing website and promotional material. These portraits were shot on location and reflect the personality and are on the vineyard in which they work. Proudly family owned, Urlar Estate produces outstanding single vineyard wines using organic and biodynamic principles. Urlar is a Gaelic word that means “The Earth”.  Our desireRead more


Wairarapa’s Ray White team, in working groups and individual  photographed in a relaxed informal setting, reflected light giving everyone a warm glow. Finding the right location as a backdrop is vital and this one has a lovely textural feel. Having the whole team able to use publicity photos that are similar gives continuity and professionalism to the brand. more


  We are often asked to create a series of images that captures the essence of the office space and the staff looking relaxed. The brief here was to photograph the team individually and in informal working groups. DataTorque is one of New Zealand’s leading tech businesses. Their focus is on tackling complexity. By designing and delivering practical solutions they enable their clients around the world to efficiently collect and manage critical tax revenues, they help them advance. More fromRead more


We went to Tauranga and Palmerston North to photograph NZTA staff around the office for a series called “Our People” Our approach was to suggest a scenario to a couple or group and shoot the action. Esther and Terry both shot from different angles, resulting in a spontaneous and natural series of images that has been well used by our client.Read more