Urlar is an organic vineyard in the Wairarapa, using biodydamics instead of pest sprays they produce some very fine Pinot wine. We have been working with Urlar for a while producing website and promotional material. These portraits were shot on location and reflect the personality and are on the vineyard in which they work.

Proudly family owned, Urlar Estate produces outstanding single vineyard wines using organic and biodynamic principles.

Urlar is a Gaelic word that means “The Earth”.  Our desire is to bring an abundance of life back to our ancient soils so you can discover the purity of flavour inherent in the land.

Our journey from the highlands of Scotland to the stony soils and cool climate of Gladstone, Wairarapa has cemented our love for all things pure and true.  We are thrilled to present our stunning range of wine for you to enjoy.


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